What is a White Paper?

White Paper is a technical document, which has the function of getting deeper into a certain subject that is usually the subject of many technical questions. It addresses a specific subject and offers a detailed explanation of a product or a definitive solution to a problem.

The material addresses more complex content from a depth that proposes solutions and analysis from a very technical point of view, with infographics, in-depth research, comparisons, and technical information.

Often used as a technical bulletin, detailing how a new product or service works.

White Paper Advantages

The White Paper brings many advantages, its strong point is to help in the decision making process, and it is highly valued when it comes time to solve some kind of problem, to acquire some kind of product or service, or to relate to a brand. It usually targets a niche market, to someone who already knows about the brand or product.

When you make a white paper, you should be concerned with more qualified content that encourages the reader to choose your company, just because of the importance of the material presented.

Because it is a material with very relevant information from many researches and studies, developed by professionals specialized in the subject, who know what they are talking about, White Paper demonstrates authority and credibility to your company, besides highlighting it from the others.

What should it have?

White Paper is a complex, long material that needs to be well deepened, it is not good that it looks as if it was made only to sell a product, it is a very relevant and technical document, focused on a specific audience for the subject, it has to bring the problem, reinforce the information with data and research, and then bring the solution.

– It should include tables, images, graphics, anything that I can add value to the document.

– Relevant, important, and technical information.

– Smart, authoritative language.

– Title, table of contents, abstract, introduction, content presenting the problem, suggested solution.

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