Evolution of Fire Alarm and Detection Systems (SDAI’s)

With the arrival of the Internet, transformations are getting faster and faster. With Fire Alarm and Detection Systems, it couldn’t be any different, systems and equipment once considered a reference in technology, modernity, and safety are losing their power precisely because of the rapid evolution of technology.

In a common Fire Alarm and Detection System, the costs, the installation time, the project, even the logistics and maintenance, many times end up being a nuisance for the client. With technology being their greatest ally, American and European companies have been investing time and resources for years so that these sometimes problematic issues can be resolved.

Like the technology we face on a daily basis, SDI’s are also evolving to protect us and make our lives easier. A solution found to solve the problems and difficulties of common SDI’s was the creation of Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, ensuring greater agility in installation, lower costs and simpler and more economical maintenance.

Wireless Detection Systems are becoming more and more common and are gaining space and trust from customers. With a modern and economical proposal, wireless SDI’s save time, money and huge need for infrastructure, in addition to avoiding several installation and maintenance problems.

Wireless products from American and European companies are often not adequate with Brazilian standards, so it is very important that you look for products that are certified, approved and comply with the determinations of the regulatory body, the ANATEL.

There is also a norm in Brazil that regulates the use of this type of systems, the norm ABNT NBR ISO 7240-25, a standard translated from the ISO european.

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